Caitlyn is a highly skilled Medical Aesthetician who specializes in Women's Skin Health. She believes in making women feel confident inside and outside.

Caitlyn is one of our talented Medical Aestheticians. After receiving a Travel and Tourism Diploma, she decided to further her medical knowledge by attending an All-Body Laser Training Institute where she received an Advanced Medical Aesthetics Diploma. She specializes in Women’s Skin Health, Acne, and Skin Scarring.

Before immersing herself in the world of medical aesthetics, she was a flight attendant for 10 years flying both internationally and domestically. She still enjoys travelling to this day. Her love for trying new things has provided her with an open approach to helping each of her patients find a personalized treatment plan.

Caitlyn understands how important skin is, aesthetically and medically. Whether it be internal or external, she wants to help women feel confident, starting with their skin.

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