We know it can be scary when your infant has a health issue, especially if you are a first-time parent. Infants are fragile and often require a unique form of care. Whether it be an ear infection, a colicky chest, fever, or rash, we make it our priority to ensure that they will receive the treatment they need.


Kids are tough, but keeping them safe is tougher. Nose bleeds, injuries, concussions, or the flu; we've seen it all. Our Genetica Medical team will guide you and your child through the appropriate course of action. We provide a judgment free space where you and your child will leave with peace of mind.


Your individual health journey is a reflection of our care at Genetica Medical. Whether it be a physical or mental illness, a skin concern, or an infection, we will be there to help you treat it. We want you to feel your best all the time.


Getting older comes with the necessity to take full responsibility for your health. We treat all health concerns that come with the beautiful aging process. This includes muscle and joint pain, respiratory infections and skin concerns. We will be there for every step of your health journey.

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