• What makes our clinic unique?

    What makes our clinic unique?

    We will improve your overall health and wellness in one-stop.

    Each of our medical practitioners are located in one place, keeping all of your medical needs connected and ensures none of your personal information gets lost.

  • Our top priority is the health and wellness of our patients.

    Our top priority is the health and wellness of our patients.

    Our team leverages their scientific expertise to develop preventive solutions for your health concerns, rather than relying on a "band-aid" approach.

    We strive to create a “medical home” where it is guaranteed that you will receive a team-based and personalized approach to your healthcare.

Experience the ultimate health and wellness solutions at Genetica Medical, where cutting-edge science meets innovative solutions.

  • Our Process

    We provide you with a customized plan that takes into account the complex interplay between your environment, lifestyle, nutrition, and genetics.

  • 1. Receive

    We carefully acknowledge your unique circumstances, utilizing our advanced medical understanding and diverse team of experts to identify the underlying causes of your health concerns.

  • 2. Resolve

    We use our advanced medical knowledge to create a detailed plan for how we can help you achieve your personal goals, resolve your health issues and ultimately empower you to feel your best.

  • 3. Respond

    Throughout your journey, we maintain an open line of communication, ensuring that you're fully informed and involved in every step of the process. To ensure that you receive the ongoing support you need, we always schedule follow-up appointments as deemed necessary.

Our diverse team of practitioners and clinicians will empower you to take control of your health journey.

The Genetica team includes practitioners from various disciplines including registered nurses, primary care physicians, obesity & weight management physicians, clinical counsellors, dieticians, skin health specialists, nurse practitioners, midwives, allergists, naturopathic doctors and more.

With their well-informed solutions to achieving optimal wellness, Genetica Healthcare will give you the most cutting edge treatments in the healthcare sector today.

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Equipped with a variety of modern technologies and tools, our clinic offers services catered specifically to your health needs.