Dr. Okunola is an accomplished physician with over 25 years’experience in the medical field. Having trained in the UK, she has the familiarity of working in now 3 different health
organisations spanning two continents.

Beyond practicing medicine, she hosts a podcast and has an education and consulting business. Her recent experience involves working with an Indigenous community as their Family Physician and as a Covid Advisor for a senior care home.

She has a special interests in Indigenous health, Women’s health, Geriatric medicine, Psychiatric
Medicine, and Complex Disease. She has a passion for preventative medicine, education, and
believes in empowering her patients.

Dr Okunola’s hobbies include hiking, singing, yoga and meditation. She loves Vancouver, its
people places and unique multicultural identity. Dr Okunola believes that the ideal mix of a
beautiful city surrounded by rainforest and mountains with friendly, kind and welcoming people
makes living in Vancouver, BC one of the best places on Earth to be.

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