Common Face Concerns

  • Loose or Sagging Skin

    Loose or Sagging Skin

    Loose skin around the face and neck is a common concern for people who have had previous skin damage, people who are aging or people who have undergone weight loss leaving excess skin around their neck. Skin needs collagen for its elasticity function. If there is a reduction or deterioration of collagen in your skin, this causes it to sag.

  • Double Chin

    Double Chin

    A double chin appears when a person has an excess layer of fatty tissue under their lower jaw. The heaviness of the fat cells causes the skin to sag and create what appears as another layer of skin. Double chins can occur in men and women for a variety of reasons including genetics, age and posture.

  • Uneven Skin Tone

    Uneven Skin Tone

    Most people have natural discolouration in their skin. This could be due to inflammation, acne scarring, sun damage, aging, hormone imbalances and more. However, creating a creamier complexion is less invasive than people think. Moisturizers, serums and retinoids are helpful in improving skin tone.

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Treatments For You

We know how important it is to protect your face from factors that may cause it damage. Whether it be an even skin tone, a symmetrical smile, or tighter skin, we want you to feel confident in your appearance.

We offer skin and aesthetic treatments including: fine lines & wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, acne, scarring, stretch marks, completion, gummy smiles, volume loss, and much more.

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