Common Mental Health & Wellness Concerns

  • Anxiety


    Anxiety is the number one sign of poor mental health and can look different in everyone. Some common symptoms that you may be suffering from anxiety is general restlessness, lack of sleep, panic attacks, trouble breathing, sweating and an inability to focus. There are many stressors that lead to an increase in anxiety such as changes in day to day life, genetic predisposition, new medication and much more.

  • Depression


    Depression can affect anyone, no matter their gender or age, and is sometimes more difficult to diagnose because it often gets overlooked. Some common symptoms of depression are feeling sad and hopeless, having trouble sleeping, withdrawing from peers, changes in appetite, losing interests in things you usually enjoy and much more. Whether it be seasonal, clinical or postpartum depression, our mental wellness experts will always be there to guide you towards overcoming this disorder.

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Treatments For You

Genetical Medical approaches mental wellness with the same attentiveness as they do with your physical health. Our mental health professionals offer holistic and longitudinal counselling for individuals, families and couples.

Our in-house therapist is an active listener, unbiased guide, and empathetic supporter who addresses the specific needs of each individual client.

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