Common Causes of Weight Gain

  • Food Sensitivities and Intolerances

    Food Sensitivities and Intolerances

    If you find that your body often feels bloated or your bowel movements are irregular, this means that you may have food sensitivities. By eliminating certain foods that you may be sensitive to, you can improve your gut health and ultimately achieve your weight loss goals.

  • Lack of Exercise

    Lack of Exercise

    Movement is just as important to weight management as a healthy diet is. As you age, your muscles deteriorate and you are more prone to cardiovascular issues. By improving your body and heart health, you will also increase your blood fat circulation.

  • Stress


    An imbalance in your mind can easily lead to an imbalance in your body. Stress is a common reason for weight gain but it often gets overlooked as a valid factor. Stress can be induced by a number of factors such as poor sleep, poor mental health, environmental/life stressors and more.

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Sustaining a healthy weight over your lifespan can be difficult, especially when there are so many factors that can contribute to weight fluctuations.

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